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Seminars, sports events, concerts, trips, shows...


High resolution aerial video and photography


"Tailor-made" work


  • Needs analysis
  • Strategic target selection
  • Storytelling, script writing, shot list
  • Validation of planing and budget


  • FullHD or 4K footage - Multi Camera Sony™
  • Aerial photo and video with DJI™ Drones
  • Timelaps and Slow-motion
  • Zhiyun™ 3-axis image stabilizer
  • Slider and tripods equipped with Manfrotto™ fluid heads
  • LED lighting panels
  • Digital sound recording and Røde™ wireless lab mics


  • Final Cut Pro X editing 
  • Davinci Resolve colorgrading
  • Titles and inlays
  • Sound Design 
  • Royalty-free musics
  • Voice-over

Why should you call on me ?

A dual expertise serves your communication

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Graduated from Business School, I spent the early part of my career with SMEs and major French and international groups. There I gained a well-rounded expertise in commercial, managerial and marketing.


Alcatel - Dell - Sage - Automotive DMS - Ficucial

These years of experience are now a considerable asset that I am pleased to share with you if you need help in analyzing your strategy, setting your targets and building your business and marketing message.

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After training as a camera operator, video editor and director of photography, I continuously improve my audiovisual and writing skills :


  • Sony-Europe masterclasses
  • Apple FCP-X & Davinci Resolve tutorials
  • B-Roll & Commercials / Peter Lingren, Daniel Schiffer, Peter McKinnon…
  • Wedding Film school US
  • INA (National Audiovisual Institute)
  • StudioBinder

why communicate by video ?

  1. Because 80% of internet users prefer watch videos rather than read contents.
  2. Because video has become essential to make your digital strategy dynamic and viral.
  3. Because beyond the information it provides, the video generates emotions that encourage the purchase process and the engagement with your brand.
  4. Because video improves the natural referencing (SEO) of your wensite
  5. Because video is a valuable asset for boost your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram…)
  6. Because video opens upaccess to new communication platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…) 

3 key questions

for a successful communication

What purpose ?

Why ? For who ?

What message ?

What do you mean ?

What emotion ?

How to tell it ?

This is the first question you need to know how to answer : WHY ?

Why do you want to make a video ?
Who do you want to touch ?
What goal do you want to achieve through this video ?

- improve your SEO
- stand out from competitors
- attract new customers
- build loyalty, create proximity
- liven up your community on social networks
- introduce your company
- launch a new offer

Let's push at an open door :
" Your video communication will meets its goal only if you have one !"

Once you know why and to whom you are going to communicate, you can think about your message. This is where storytelling comes in.

The STORYTELLING is one of the most powerful tools to bring your brand to life and one of the key components of a content marketing approach.

Your offer is not just an addition of technical specs, as unique and exclusive are they. I don't want to do a lecture about sales techniques and purchasing motivations, but the consumer is increasingly sensitive to image and perception. " once upon a time... "

Storytelling is above all, as the name suggests, telling a story rather than listing technical arguments. A story that embodies the challenges and values the customer will find themselves in to create a positive and unique "experience" , a rewarding customer experience.

Advertisers have long understood : Whether you buy a car, a perfume or even a yogurt, you no longer buy a product, you buy a concept, an identity, a belonging, a value… AN EMOTION

" Even if the reason leads the thinking and the choice, only emotion make you want to buy. "


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