Give height to your presentations

Aerial photography

48Mpx sensor - RAW format

Aerial video

from fullHD 120fps to 8K hyperlapse


editing, titling, royalty-free music

Silence on tourne – Authorized Drone Operator

A Parter for your projects

Outstanding shooting angles

Sony IMX596 sensor I 24mm f/2.8 Lens
3-axis stabilized camera for perfectly smooth images
4K and 2.7K video up to 60fps, or 1080p up to 240fps in 120Mb/s
8K hyperlapse
48Mpx pictures 8000x6000 pixels in both RAW and JPEG format

Dynamic editing

Post-production and color-grading Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve
Titling, animation, logo insertion and video effects
Sound design and royalty-free musics
Many video files formats


Drone operator graduated and registered with the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC)
Professional liability aerial insurance


Real estate enhancement

Historical monuments and civil engineering structures,

Historical patrimony and environment 

Construction site inspection...


Cultural and sports events, 

Corporate and commercial events, 

Reports and documentaries, 

Presentation of real property...


Bridges, wind turbines, structures, 

Insurance, post-disaster inspection,

Maintenance, control,



Construction site monitoring, 



Prime contractors...

Whether promoting orinspecting a building, overviewing the situation, or evaluating the global state of a structure, drone is the fastest and the most economical solution to gather the data that you need.

the fastest


  • no need for scaffolding
  • no need to rent a crane
  • even in hard-to-reach areas
  • optimal safety
  • outstanding image quality

most economical solution


The drone is also very popular for eventBefore, you needed a plane or a helicopter to get this amazing footage, which will definitely make the WOW effect ! Today, the drone produces spectacular framing and footage.Genuine creative tool, it opens the way to new perspectives in storytelling and audiovisual production.

Photos and/or videos

"Out of the box" footage or edited film

  • Preliminary discussion to validate the project feasibility
  • Pre-visit on site if necessary
  • Administrative and legal procedures for obtaining official authorisations 
  • Professional aerial liability insurance
  • On-site service
  • Photo editing and/or video post-production

The civil use of drones is very tightly regulated in France. 

The operator (me) and the originator (you) are liable if only one of the following criteria is not met :

Requirements for the pilot : :

  • Possession of the theoretical certificate of light aviation flying (ULM)
  • Possession of a Proficiency Level Certificate (LSA)
  • Limit flight radius to 100 m and altitude to 150 m (S3 scenario)

Conditions of use of the equipment :

  • Type-approval by the DGAC (Directorate-General for Civil Aviation): certificate of conformity to type and design certificate
  • Installation of a system to protect third parties on the ground when flying in urban areas S3: parachute if the weight of the drone is >2 kg
  • Maximum weight of the drone: 4 kg (with batteries, sensors and parachute) in case of flight in urban areas

Obligations for the operator :

  • Purchase of Liability Insurance
  • Filing of a Special Activities Manual (M.A.P) with the D.S.A.C (Civil Aviation Safety Directorate)
  • Declaration of valid aerial photography activity
  • Validation of a memorandum of understanding with the air infrastructures in the vicinity of the flight sites
  • Possession of the prefectural authorizations of the departments concerned
  • Introduction of a municipal by-law (if taking off from the public road)
  • Establishment of a third-party security perimeter
  • No third party overflight unless waiver signed by participants

Document to be provided

  • Acknowledgement of receipt of the declaration of activity of a remotely piloted aircraft operator
  • Declaration of activity photography and aerial cinematography (ED8464)
  • Certification of Civilian Aircraft Remotely Piloted Training
  • Insurance certificate
  • Aircrafts registration documents

Update on legislation

Scénarios Drone

All flights must be reported at least 5 days prior on the site https://alphatango.aviation-civile.gouv.fr 

A new European legislation comes into force on 31 December 2020 and replaces national aviation safety regulations on these aircraft.
It defines 3 categories that replace the “special activities / experimentation / aeromodelling” awards.

Open category Allows for low-risk operations for “visual” flights and aircraft weighing less than 25kg.

It will include 4 sub-categories: 

  • A1 – allowing flight in close proximity to people for C1 drones under 900g (my case), and even flying over people for a C0 drone under 250g.
  • A2 – for C2 drones a distance of 30m must be maintained with people, which can be reduced to 5m if the UAS is less than 4kg and has a low speed function (my case)
  • A3 – for C3 drones weighing less than 25kg, a distance of 150m from residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas must be maintained.

Specific category : allows to fly out of sight, or in places that pose a greater risk to third parties (in populated areas, near an aerodrome, etc.)

By default, to fly in this category, it is necessary to obtain an authorization from the DSAC, but the European regulation also provides that one can fly under a declarative regime (therefore without authorization) in the framework of European standard scenarios (STS) which will replace the current national scenarios S1, S2 and S3.

  • STS-01: Visual operations at a maximum height of 120m, over an empty third party area in a populated environment.
  • STS-02: out-of-sight operations at a maximum distance of 2km using airspace observers, at a maximum height of 120m, over an empty third party area in a populated environment.

An operator may declare itself under the European standard scenario from 2 December 2021. From this date, no new declarations can be made according to the national standard scenarios

NOTE: these indications may be subject to change – for more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition  


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