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Hi! I'm Chris Romantic Wedding Filmmaker
Romantic Wedding Filmmaker


Because a picture is worth a thousand words,
let's have a look here...


What if we talk aout it ?
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Si vous êtes ici, c?est que vous préparez un grand événement? 


You are about to make your love official, and seal your two hearts with the wedding vows.

Such a commitment deserves to be celebrated, and I am sure you have already given it much thought.

Reception venue, caterer, music, decoration, costume and of course the wedding dress…

Everything will be just perfect! The most beautiful reception for the most beautiful memories.

And if the commitment deserves to be celebrated, the memory must be immortalized.

You're in the right place!

Silence on tourne will offer you the magic of « reliving over and over again what has only happened once. »

My name is Chris, and "Silence on tourne" (How can I translate it : "Silence... and... action !") is the outcome of a lifelong passion for music, footage and words. Because if each one separately can tell a story, it is only together that they sublimate it!

Making a wedding film is not just about freezing a few magical moments on film. It is above all capturing an emotion, soaking up an ambience, in order to translate and transmit all the atmosphere and magic of this unique day.

With passion and poetry, I am always looking for the perfect alchemy. The one that will offer you the intense memory that you will enjoy seeing and seeing again, sharing with your family and friends, your children…

Chris Filmmaker
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"Endlessly relive what happened only once".

Now you may be wondering how it goes...

Every project starts with a phone interview or videoconference.
Not only to get to know each other, but also to understand your expectations and to approach the unfolding of the D day.
Each wedding is unique because it reflects the personality and expectations of each couple, that' s why I consider this first free contact as very important. Only then can I send you a personalized offer.

And if you're ever in the area, we can obviously meet over a drink or coffee.

d-day milestones

The preparations

To tell you the truth, It’s one of my favorite moments. I like to be early in order to soak up the atmosphere of the place. There is such a special ambience… excitement mixed with apprehension...

This is usually a good opportunity to shoot nice footage of the estate. Establishing shots of the "nature" in order to define the framework, set the stage...

Before you get dressed, I like to film the dress, the costume, the accessories…

Then comes the time of your respective preparations.

SHE - a makeup touch-up, a flower in the hair... then, the long-awaited moment when you button your dress, perhaps accompanied by your loved ones, witnesses or bridesmaids…

HIM - Impeccable shirt, cufflinks and bow tie... or not... By the way, do boys good behaving while the girls are making themselves beautiful?

Tender, modest, romantic, eccentric… whatever the colours, the emotions of the preparations are always there!

The First Look

Even if I have a predilection for the natural and the spontaneous, this is one of the rare moments that can be slightly "scripted" ; in any case, worth thinking about...

This first look is just magical! Both fleeting and intense, we would like to make it last forever... Fortunately, there is the film!

Ok course, the first look between the bride and groom comes to mind. Discovering your future wife wearing her wedding dress always provokes intense emotions... But there may also be the father's first look at his daughter or...
That's your story !

The celebrations

I say celebrations, with an "s" because there may be more than one : civil ceremony, religious, secular…
Parfois tout se fait le même jour, parfois vous préférez faire la cérémonie civile plus tôt dans la semaine…
In any case, I will be in the right place at the right time to make sure I don't miss any of your wishes, the exchange of wedding rings, the smiles, the tears, the looks that speak volumes...

cocktail and dinner

Here we are! The hard part is over. You can finally breathe… Come on! A few more smiles for the photos (we’ll have to talk about the couple session, especially if you have a photographer – what I recommend).
The watchword as far as I'm concerned : discretion. It’s the best way to capture candid and spontaneous moments. Laughter and tears…

wedding cake and opening of the dance

Often a great moment : the arrival of the famous "wedding cake". Bengal lights, firework, spraying sparks... It's fizzing with a thousand lights.
Now is the time to open the ball and invite everyone to the dance-floor. Is the party just getting started ?

little bonuses...

You want some more ?


  • Full video recording of small key moments: speeches, opening dance, everything you care about...
  • Video-booth : I set a camera on a tripod, a lighting kit, and I invite your guests to comme an record a video message for you. Poetic, humorous, quirky, but always caring, it’s a good opportunity to hear very pretty words that should be said more often…
    Some brides take the opportunity to record a small message that can be used as a digital thank-you card…
  • Save-the-date : why can't we start now by making your announcement in video ? This is an original and playful way to invite everyone to save the date!
  • Voice-over : great stuff! And not only shy brides who love it.
    Why not prepare and record in advance a few words of love that I can integrate into the film as a voice-over?
    I will of course, as much as possible, use a few extracts from the speeches delivered on D-Day. But why not anticipate and record a few words before, quietly, away from the glances and projectors…
    magine the reaction of your sweetheart when he (or she) discovers them by watching the film for the first time!


Many people are unaware of this, but the use of a drone, even for a private wedding, is subject to extremely strict regulations. Only qualified remote pilots, registered with the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) and holding a civil aviation insurance policy are authorised to use a drone.

Professional drone operator, I have all the clearances and I deal with all mandatory administrative procedures. (clic here for more details about the regulations and my drone activity)

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