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You have so much to show

Corporate films

A story, a knowledge, a talent ?

Customer Testimonials

success stories, happy customers ?

Promotional Videos

outstanding product or service ?

silence on tourne - image maker

Boost your communication


Mix of commercial and audiovisual competence
Assistance in writing and building the sales pitch
Storytelling, script writing, shotlist
Compliance with the established timetable and budget


Multi-cam HD or 4K shooting
Aerial footage by drone
Digital recording


Post-production and corograting Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve
Titling, animation, logo insertion
Sound design and royalty-free musics
Generation of video files in all formats

Anything in mind ?  Things to say or show? 

We support you in all phases of your project with the sole objective of showcasing your know-how, valuing your products and telling your story.


« La chose la plus importante en communication, c’est d’entendre ce qui n’est pas dit. »
– Peter Drucker –


Le film institutionnel ou corporate est un outil de communication particulièrement efficace quand il s’agit de valoriser l’image d’une entreprise, d’une collectivité ou d’une association.
C’est un moyen d’afficher votre ADN, de montrer en quelques secondes : qui vous êtes, ce que vous faites, comment vous le faites…

Today, video accounts for one third of internet traffic, and that figure is set to double in the coming years.

80% of Internet users watch videos where only 20% read content.

Corporate video is a powerful media that highlights your business.

Corporate film, word from the CEO, advertorial, interview and customer testimonial, or even to to highlight an event, Silence on tourne makes your clips and short films for a multichannel broadcast (DVD, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Bring content to your website, your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram...

Take a look at a few examples

Reportage et interviews chez Néoditel, spécialiste en conseil, gestion et optimisation des systèmes de télécommunication des entreprises.

Play Video about Néoditel
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Contour Clinic view d’ouvrir ses portes à Antibes. Ils m’ont confié la création de leur contenu audiovisuel pour leur site internet et leurs réseaux sociaux dont voici quelques extraits.

4 des 14 vidéos réalisées pour le laboratoire cosmétiques Phyderma Paris pour leur site web et leur boutique en ligne Amazon.

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Prendre en main le Fiart 43 Seawalker est un privilège, surtout quand on met le cap sur les îles de Lérins, à quelques encablures de Cannes.

– constructeur Napolitain Fiart Mare.

– longueur hors tout 13,84/12,66 m

– largeur 3,99 m

– tirant d’eau 2 m

– puissance maxi 2×480 ch

Interview : « Daniel Bussani : Un enfant de la mer »

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Davy JEANNEYvice-champion of Rallycross Europe in 2013 after having been crowned champion of France in 2010, and driver of the Team Peugeot Sport – Hansen en championnat du monde de rallycross en 2015 et 2016 a ouvert en 2021 Autopièces 37.

A visual discovery of this new generation junkyard 2.0.

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Drawn by Olivier BRIZON, the Golf Bluegreen Tours-Ardrée opened in 1988.

Thanks to its green course and its commitment to the environment, the Bluegreen Tours-ArdrĂ©e Golf Club was awarded the prestigious label « Golf pour la Biodiversité » 

Devised and developed by Jean-Marc DELETANG envie2rouler is a service and content platform whose mission is to make you want to "ride again" (envie2rouler) au plus grand nombre. 

The slogan alone sums up the philosophy of this former professional rider with an eloquent record of achievements: Suzuki World Cup winner and French Superbike Champion in 1992, Victory in the Bol d'Or 1993, French Superbike Champion in 1995 and 1997, Victory in the 24H of SPA and the Bol d'Or 2000, French Superproduction Champion in 2002, sports commentator on MOTORS TV from 2012 to 2015...


"envie2rouler, rent a bike in complete freedom"

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We also produced a series of tutorials for his customers envie2rouler

here are a few

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Témoignage « face caméra » d’un concessionnaire qui a rejoint l’aventure « envie2rouler ».

Il explique ses réticences, passe en revue les objections et finalement sa conclusion après plusieurs mois d’expérience. Alors : la location moto : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

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Osteophony is the scientific name for bone conduction, and the process used by X-Safears which offers an innovative communication solution for professionals.

These ultra-lightweight headsets can either be connected directly to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or to a walkie-talkie to keep in touch even in environments where the mobile phone cannot be used. 

For the product launch, the website construction and the social networks, we made some presentation and demonstration clips "in real life". 

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ABC Transfer is a star-up who designs innovative sterile transfer solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of many trade shows, ABC Transfer produced a series of presentation videos which allowed them not only to participate in virtual exhibitions, but also de lever d’importants fonds with investors who have seen the full potential of their solutions.

Here are some of the videos we made together.

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Presentation of a real estate agency from NESTENN Group in Angers

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Launch of the first connected and traceable anti-covid19 disinfection solution cleanRwith

envie2rouler does not only rent motorbikes, it also organises "track days" on the most prestigious circuits.
Here are some footage that went viral on social networks, and rowed a horde asphalt and adrenaline lovers.

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More motorcycling, with this workshop tutorial for Mecatig Vattier exhaust pipes, here for Suzuki Z900 RS

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And so much more...
Now let's talk about you !

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