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Why communicate in video?

  1. Parce que 80% des internautes préfèrent regarder des vidéos que lire des contenus.
  2. Parce que la vidéo est devenue essentielle pour rendre votre stratégie digitale dynamique et virale.
  3. Parce qu?au-delà de l?information qu?elle délivre, la vidéo suscite des émotions qui favorisent le processus d?achat et l?attachement du client à votre marque.
  4. Parce que la vidéo améliore le référencement of your wensite
  5. Parce que la vidéo est un contenu précieux pour dynamiser vos réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram…)
  6. Parce que la vidéo vous ouvre l’accès à de nouvelles plateformes de communication (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…) 

Audiovisual production offers a wide range of tools for your communication. From documentary to music clips, from corporate films to advertising, from educational videos to virtual tours, each project tells a story, and each story begins with a blank sheet of paper. 

What kind of video?

Corporate film

Introduce and inspire !
The main purpose of the corporate film or video is to present the company's activities and values It is a film with a commercial purpose, intended to arouse curiosity and attract customers.
It contributes to the strengthening of the image of the company and to the emotional attachment of the community to the brand.




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Facecam: Interviews and testimonials

Un rendez-vous avec votre audience

Two types of interviews and testimonials can be considered: internal interviews and customer testimonials. 

  • Internal interviews
    It is an opportunity to bring the client to a better understanding of the company and tohumanise the customer experience..
    Who is behind your brand?

Whether it is the CEO, the sales or marketing director, a production manager or an operator, placing a face to a name has always been a determining factor in the loyalty and attachement process.

Giving a voice to its staff is doubly effective.Employees who are valued in this way will not only have even more pride and desire to uphold and defend the company's values, but will also create a feeling of trust and attachment among your customers and prospects.

  • Customer Testimonials
    You have satisfied customers? Ask them to share their experience. 
    There is nothing like a positive testimonial to strengthen your image, reassure and inspire.
    This is usually the first thing we are looking for when we inquire about a product or a company: what do users think about it?
    And since a picture is worth a thousand words, make the demo in video!
Product or service presentation

A product, a talent, a know-how to promote?
Nothing beats a video for valuing and tugging at the heartstrings.
Succumb to the alchemy resulting from a skilful 4 thirds blend:

  • 1/3 punchy images
  • 1/3 of dynamic editing
  • 1/3 of catchy music
  • 1/3 creativity

Yes, that's 4 thirds! that's what's good!

Real Estate

Enhance your heritage 

A property advertisement combined with a video presentation increases by a factor of 4 the number of enquiries compared to the same advertisement with only photos.

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E-learning and tutorial

This type of video often mixes film footage, motion pictures and slides.

It can be addressed to two types of audience : internal and external to the company.

It is a terribly effective wayto share knowledge or skills with new employees, as well as to provide training to the company's employees.

Carry out a training session and make it available anywhere, anytime and as many times as needed.

While optimising your training budget, you provide a fun and flexible way for your employees to learn at their own pace.

Both your customers and Internet users are keen on tutorials. Sharing knowledge or experience with a community has an undeniable unifying effect. It is a particularly effective way to gain notoriety..

It is one of the favourite formats on social networks and broadcasting platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and therefore and therefore a powerful SEO and CEO booster..


Advertising is no longer about simply talking about the product or showing it. The main aim is to arouse emotions generate an attachment for the brand within audience, and leave a strong imprint in their subconscious so that they remember the message we wanted to convey.
The storytelling and artistic dimension becomes fully significant for a unique experience.

Television is no longer the sole channel for advertisers. Internet and social networks have nowadays become powerful vectors for relaying your communication.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Dailymotion, Vimeo...


Each one of your events is like the bricks with which you have built your story..

Because everything that matters to you deserves to be immortalised and shared, the event video really comes into its own.

- A tool to enhance your image. 

- A tool for sharing.

- A tool for remembrance.

Whether it's a teaser announcement for a launch, or a report following a trade fair, a company anniversary, a team-building operation, or a show, a sports event, an exploit... we will find the best approach together.

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Is there anything more festive and happy than a wedding?

A unique day, during which a whole range of feelings and emotions will paint the canvas of an unforgettable memory.

A unique day, but one that will pass so quickly...

That's why I make wedding films, to offer the magic of " to relive to infinity what has only happened once. »

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3 key questions

for successful communication

This is the first question you need to know how to answer : WHY ?

Why do you want to make a video ?
Who do you want to reach ?
What goal do you want to achieve through this video ?

- improve your SEO ranking
- differentiate from competitors
- win new customers
- build loyalty, create proximity
- animate your community on social networks
- introduce your company
- launch a new offer


Let's kick an open door:

"Your video communication will achieve its purpose only if it has a purpose."

Once you know why and to whom you are going to communicate, you need to think about your message. That's where storytelling comes in.

Marketing STORYTELLING is one of the most powerful tools to bring your brand to life and one of the main components of a content marketing approach..

Your offer is not limited to technical characteristics, however exceptional they may be. Without giving a lecture on sales techniques, and and buying motivations, the consumer is increasingly sensitive to image and perception.

Telling a story rather than listing technical arguments. Telling a story that embodies challenges and values that the customer will relate to, in order to create a unique and rewarding positive 'experience'..

Advertisers have long understood this: Whether it's a car, a perfume or even a yoghurt, you no longer buy a product, you are buying a concept, an identity, a belonging, a value... AN EMOTION


"Even if reason directs thought and choice, emotions are what make people want to buy."


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